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Dance performance

The Maison de la Culture de Nevers Agglomération presents "Mètre carré", the new creation of the Cie Alfred Alerte, where it is a question of space and territory, inspired by the book "Espèces d'espaces" by Georges Perec. Thus, five individuals coexist on the same small space, a small but welcoming Pangea. A boat representing both the unity and the multiple where each one finds his place. Their vital space? Their bodies themselves. And then, driven by promiscuity, by the desire to open up the landscape, to feed his own intimate garden, one of the members dissociates from the group and takes a piece of the territory with him. Each person then wanders along his or her own axis, a single, linear trajectory, with no possibility of wandering or crossing paths. What happens to the common space ? How much space do we really need to breathe, to live, to love, to feel free ?

Meeting at 8 pm at the Salle des fêtes in Cours. Public from 10 years old. Duration : 50 minutes. Prices : 12€ full price, 8€ reduced price. Reservation at +33 (0)

The 30/09/2021

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